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“5 Steps Back to Love” intensive couples workshop

Join us on Thu, July 16, 2020 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT for this life-changing online couples workshop!

  • s chronic argument, anger, and resentment killing your relationship?
  • Are you feeling stuck and have no idea how to move forward?
  • Have you fallen so far out of love, you wonder if it will ever come back?
  • Are you living more like roommates than partners?
  • Do you feel hopeless in that no matter what you try, “nothing seems to work”?
  • Have you tried “expressing” yourself and “talking through issues”, only to find more, not less, conflict erupts?
  • Have you noticed your health deteriorating along with your relationship problems?
  • Has traditional “talk therapy” failed to provide any answer?

If you answered yes any of the above, learn and apply in one day the revolutionary new approach to resolving conflict and stop an argument immediately.

“5 Steps Back to Love” is a 1-day intensive online couples workshop to help get your relationship back from the “Dead Zone” and get back to “Being Us”.

Take 5 simple steps to learn what “UnTalk” Therapy can do for your relationship and help you and your partner out of the dead zone.

This online workshop focuses on:

  1. How to identify the body and brain changes that incite your angry blow-ups, and how to immediately end the blowups
  2. How to stop your partner from provoking you into an argument
  3. When avoiding conflict heals a relationship
  4. What works, and what does not work, in communication
  5. How your health is directly related to the health of your relationship, and how to improve both

Q: “What is the “Dead Zone”? How can my partner and I climb out of it?”

A: The relationship Dead Zone is a dangerous place. It needs to be navigated wisely and gingerly. Before you decide on a therapist who’ll escort you and your loved one out of your Dead Zone, 3 out of 4 marriages end after traditional talk therapy. That’s because expressing yourself while in the wrong state of mind can actually cause you to slide deeper into the Dead Zone. But if you understand the workings of your brain chemistry before you begin the climb, your chances of escaping the Dead Zone improve exponentially.

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*Disclaimer: The information provided in this online workshop should not be construed as personal therapy advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this workshop. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being. The information and opinions provided here are believed to be accurate and sound, based on the best judgment available to the presenter, but readers who fail to consult appropriate therapy authorities assume the risk of any consequences.

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