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The Solo Partner: Repairing Your
Relationship on Your Own


How could I teach a couple to resolve their problems when one partner refused to acknowledge a problem existed – let alone discuss it?

Phil Deluca, MSW, LCSW

The Solo Partner is the only book on the market that is written solely for a relationship with problems in which one partner refuses to cooperate in repairing the relationship: they deny a problem exists, blames the other party for any problems or promise to make changes and never follow through with the changes. If you find yourself in this position then this book was written specifically for you. More importantly, it provides an alternative to traditional approaches that can be applied with both parties after resolving their challenges that traditional talk therapy has failed to provide them with successful results.

“A significant counterbalance to the self-help books that promise success without pain.”
Thomas Fogarty, M.D., P.C.

“A breakthrough for couples in understanding the dynamics of power struggles in the relationship.”
Carolyn Bushong, Psychotherapist