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Listen to interviews and podcasts with expert and author Phil Deluca.

Here’s how to stop talking in order to communicate better.

Phil DeLuca shared his strategies to help families communicate better and deal with anger management when they stop talking. Click here to listen. The Segilola Salami Show

Relationships and our health

Our relationships affect our physical health. Be brave enough to treat yourself and your partner well. Click here to watch the video. With: Daa’iyah Cixx Healthy RELATIONSHIP Talk Radio

Language of the Heart: True Communication

This podcast is an exposé on how the "Express Yourself!" and "Talk it through!" communication approaches can destroy the love and health of the relationship. Find out about Phil's alternative approach in place of the failing ones. With: Gwilda Wiyaka MISSION: EVOLUTION Radio Show

Heal Your Relationship Without Traditional Therapy

This podcast with Phil DeLuca is packed with knowledge to help you bring awareness around your communication and how by talking less, you can create more healthy, sustaining relationships. With: Ron Broussard

How to build a great relationship

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Phil DeLuca, joins the show to discuss his unique "UnTalk™" approach to controlling our emotions and building stronger relationships. With: The Timeless Family podcast

21st Century Communication

Phil discusses his innovative use of the “Express Yourself” model to help couples deal with the issues that traditional couples therapy fails at. With: Joanne Victoria

Handling Relationship Pitfalls

Phil DeLuca points out the pitfalls of emotional communication when we are overwhelmed and our frontal lobes are not working. He explains how to handle these periods of emotional hijack that can derail a relationship. With: Dr. Michael McGee