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About Phil DeLuca

Many of my clients reach out to me when their relationship is in distress. Often it’s our relationships that bring us the most pain in our lives, even when they are supposed to bring us happiness.
I help people learn to relate to each other in healthy ways. I work with:

I also work with individuals during the aftermath of their divorce, a time that is difficult although filled with potential for rebuilding a healthy and happy life.

I provide a warm, collaborative, and safe space for my clients. It is my aim to build on your existing strengths, develop coping skills, and form a strategy to move you forward to a place of well-being, clarity, and greater self-awareness.

Relationships, couples, and family issues

I specialize in providing solutions for your relationships. I can help you with: communication, affairs and affair recovery, separation/divorce adjustment/resolution, marital/relationship counseling, codependency/pursuit and distance, domestic violence, pre-marital counseling, dating issues, conflict and anger resolution, and parenting and step-parenting issues. I also wrote a book and work with relationships that involve an uncooperative partner: how to get them to be cooperative, and how to motivate them to seek out or join you in counseling.

Other Issues I treat include:


Substance abuse, pornography addiction, electronic addiction, gambling addiction

Are you struggling with issues with alcohol? Drugs? Pornography? Are electronics, gaming, and the internet affecting your relationships? I can help. Sometimes these issues are relatively easy to resolve. Other times it involves more intensive treatment. If you need help with these issues, let me help you assess if there is a problem and if there is a problem, develop a plan with you to help resolve these issues.

Spiritual/Christian Counseling

Does your life lack purpose? Do life’s struggles have you questioning the meaning of your life? Are you questioning your spiritual beliefs or simply trying to discern what they are? Is your faith faltering as you try to navigate through your current problems? Let me help you on your spiritual journey.

Stress and Health

Struggling with weight loss? Is the stress from your job, family, kids, or life creating health problems? I practice a science-based holistic approach to stress management and a healthy lifestyle.

Flexible hours and video counseling

I have day and evening hours and am available for in-office counseling and video counseling with the goal of accommodating your busy lives. I answer all initial phone contacts myself and will be glad to discuss your situation with you on the initial call.

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Author, trainer, speaker, presenter

I also offer community workshops, and therapist training and am available for speaking engagements.

In addition to conventional communication approaches, I have developed a conflict resolution model that frequently works where current communication models fail. Click here to learn more.


I have been practicing for over 40 years. As a senior, many seniors are comfortable working with me, and together we achieve great results. I am also experienced in working with young adults and teenagers.

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) MSW
  • C000132 North Carolina

If you are ready for change, and you would like to learn more, you are welcome to call and book your first appointment, or fill out my contact form and click send.