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Anxiety and Depression

If you are having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, have lost interest in the things that used to bring you joy, or are wondering what the point of it all is, you are likely suffering from depression.

There is good news, as depression is one of the most treatable mental health issues. Even the most severe cases can be treated.

Depression is one of the most common mental health problems in the U.S. Women are more likely to suffer from depression than men. Anxiety also rates high on the list. Approximately 30% of adults will suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point in their lifetime. As with depression, the rates are higher for women than men, but treatment is effective for adults of all genders and ages.

If you think you are suffering from depression or anxiety, or both at the same time, as this is very common, I encourage you to seek treatment right away.

My approach

Depression and anxiety do not require hours of talk therapy. There are effective, evidence-based, therapeutic approaches that can help you start feeling better almost instantly. My approach is to first give you the tools you need to feel better and then move forward and discover the underlying causes so we can heal them.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective, evidence-based approach for treating both depression and anxiety. In my practice, I emphasize not only the cognitive aspects, such as identifying negative and unhelpful thinking patterns, but I also focus strongly on the behavioral component of this technique. Taking care of your body through diet and exercise is essential to mental health. The body and mind can affect each other, and we want to take care of them both.

In addition to meeting with me, therapy will include reconnecting with friends and family and participating in other behaviors that you may not initially “feel like” trying because you are depressed. Research has demonstrated that these behavioral changes have been proven to alleviate depression.

Under my guidance, you can change your thinking, behavior, and life.

Therapy in Midland

Philip DeLuca MSW, LCSW is a couples counselor and relationship expert based in Midland, North Carolina. He is also available for online appointments. To talk to Phil about your relationship or individual counseling, call today, or fill out the contact form and click Send.

Our Therapy Process

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Therapy Benefits

Build a strong, happy, healthy and loving relationship

  • Problem solving and conflict resolution

  • Process underlying pain and anger

  • Repair your past hurts and issues

  • Rebuild your respect and trust

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