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Conflict Intensive

  • s chronic argument, anger, and resentments killing your love?
  • Have you tried “expressing” yourself and “talking through issues” only to find more, not less, conflict erupts?
  • Are you stuck and have no idea how to move forward?
  • Have you fallen so far out of love, you wonder if it will ever come back?
  • Do you feel hopeless in that no matter what you try, “nothing seems to work”?
  • Are you living more like roommates than partners?
  • Have you noticed your health deteriorating along with your relationship problems?

The Reality

When your marriage is in serious trouble, weekly one-hour sessions are not intensive enough to stop the conflict engulfing the couple.

In this situation, an intensive structure can provide the breakthrough a couple needs to disrupt the cycle of conflict in their relationship.

In my Conflict Intensive, you will not only walk away knowing and understanding each other better, but you will take with you a custom-designed action plan that will immediately stop your arguments and start you on the path back to love.

Conflict Intensive

Help! Our constant bickering is killing our love!”

The private marriage intensive program is geared for couples who are committed to the relationship/marriage but stuck a continual conflict pattern. These couples recognize that it could be so much better, but don’t know the way forward.

Other couples appear to be heading for separation or divorce. They have already suffered from years of resentment and anger. These couples are getting close to what I call “The Dead Zone” where there doesn’t appear to be any love left.

In this situation, my intensive program focuses on the process of stopping the conflict. Next, we start to heal the wounds of the past and provide a path back towards closeness. Together we build a very specific and practical action plan to immediately begin the process of building a stronger relationship/marriage.

Consider this as a viable option to stop the drain on your love.

Having witnessed too many couples who found that conventional communication approaches have failed, I have developed a method that will quickly turn their situation around. The Conflict Intensive process is powerful enough to end the years of resentments, arguments, and unforgiveness. This program can bring back the hope they longed for.

What’s Included?

No marriage is the same, therefore no intensive is the same. All intensives include an assessment that will analyze your communication and conflict style. This in-depth, personalized analysis allows us to target these areas quickly. Common topics that are covered during our intensive are:

  • Communication tools that will get you talking not fighting
  • How to rebuild trust once it’s been broken
  • How to heal from hurt so you can move forward
  • How to properly apologize and validate each others feelings
  • How to keep maintaining your marriage
  • How to identify specific triggers that set both you and your partner off
  • When is a constructive time to communicate with your partner and when is a destructive time
  • How to calm down, overcome resentment and heal emotional trauma
  • How to improve your communication and restore your love even if your partner refuses to cooperate


After filling his wall with degrees that espoused traditional “talk it all out” therapy, Phil DeLuca began to rebel and gradually developed his own revolutionary new love science – a holistic body/brain chemistry-based communication model which he shows the couple how to use to fix their relationship.

Intensives are hosted in Charlotte, NC, but I am also available to meet with you in your hometown. All travel-related costs are covered by the couple.

If you would like to learn more, you are welcome to call and book your first appointment or simply fill out my contact form and click send.

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